If They Can Do It, We Can Do It Better!

Mildred Osborne Charter School 8th Graders Step Out Into A Brave New World

By Renetta Perry Data Contributor

Amidst a backdrop of their Class Theme, “If They Can Do It, We Can Do It Better,” and a sea of cheering parents baring balloons, confetti and gifts, the 2023 Mildred Osborne graduating class entered their state-of-the art gymnasium proceeding to the classic “Pomp and Circumstance,” in their white and black attire. The air was filled with exceeding joy mingled with a hint of melancholy as teachers and parents realized that who were once our “babies,” are now fully functioning, adaptive and burgeoning young adults who are ready to step out into a brave new world, filled with unlimited opportunities.

The 55-minute ceremony, which took place on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, was highlighted by reminiscing remarks from Principal Jolene R. Galpin, Executive Director, Mildred Osborne Charter School, as well as other teachers and support staff members. The culminating slide show, featuring years of photos, some depicting the journey of students who have attended the school since kindergarten, sparked nostalgia for the families as well as for the graduates themselves. With plans to attend various high schools throughout the City of New Orleans, the students soaked up their last moments together as the Class of 2023, giving hugs, kisses and well wishes to each other on their journey into the new world that awaits them!

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