Investing in the Children

Anthony Bean Founder and Director of ABCT

I am not a social scientist who can explain the why and wherefore of things, but it seems to me that Hurricane Katrina has a lasting effect on the minds of young folks. I am talking about the teens I interact with daily in my theater and acting school. I heard the term Katrina babies.

Children who were born during and after the storm. Not to mention the creative people who never return and hamper down in other cities. Children are the same as needing love, attention, and discipline. It is the concentration and commitment that are missing. My performing arts kids were committed to learning their lines, keeping up with their homework, and showing respect at home. They understand that if they mess up at school or at home, their parents will remove them from the extra activities after school.

So, they wanted to belong, so they watched their steps. Now, it is more of a lackadaisical attitude. If they act up, it is because their parents were tripping, using their words. I will leave it up to others to understand why this is so, but my company is and will always be committed to the youth of New Orleans. If there are changing winds and we will identify this change and we’ll change with it. We are committed to saving the child of New Orleans.

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