John Georges and Wife Dathel, Owners of The Advocate, Purchase The Times-Picayune Reaction From the Public

By Edwin Buggage

Data News Editor

In an unprecedented and historic move last week, Louisiana businessman John Georges and his wife Dathel, owners of The Advocate New Orleans, The Advocate Baton Rouge and Gambit Weekly, purchased the Times-Picayune, an award-winning, 180-year-old publication and its website While at Jazz Fest this past weekend, Data News Weekly asked citizens their opinions on how this will impact the landscape of news dissemination in New Orleans going forward.

Linda Tapp: Founder of Lady Buckjumpers and Mother of Soulja Silm
“As a bearer of the culture I think there should be more coverage of what we as local people produce and contribute to our city and heritage. For we are important to what makes New Orleans special and sometimes that is not reflected in the media.”

Terry Williams: Business Owner
“I hope with this acquisition there is more of an embrace of small business because we are the heart and soul of the city. I think that oftentimes that is forgotten, that this City is a place where there are more small businesses. There should be an embrace in this direction, which could help with exposing as well as promoting local businesses and the services they provide to the citizens of the city.”

Charles Vaughn: Educator and Visual Artist
“It is fine that we may have a daily newspaper again, but the question is what types of stories they will be telling. I feel we need more diverse voices and that is why in the face of outlets like Data News are necessary to give voice to more of our citizens and their issues.”

Nat Turner: Cultural Advocate and Activist
“Whether it is The Advocate or the Times-Picayune, we are talking about corporate controlled media. The free press has been hijacked. When we look at the tale of tape, the majority of the people of the city are African-American, but we have to be able to tell our own story.”

Torrance Taylor: Founder of NOLA NOBLES
“We have to consider that we need more voices out there telling the stories of the people and events in our city; not just a few. This is something we have to watch to see what will happen in the future and keep in mind that more, not fewer voices in media are important in telling the whole story of our city.”

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