Le Sanctuary, Inc. and Louisiana Highway Safety Announces Their “Seat Belts Look Good On You” Campaign

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Le Sanctuary, Inc., and the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission (LHSC) held a press conference announcing their Seat Belts Look Good on You Campaign, on Friday, November 25th.

Special Guests In Attendance Included: Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Executive Director, Lisa Freeman, Louisiana State Police Department Assistant Superintendent, Lieutenant Colonel Chavez H. Cammon, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Secretary, Dr. Shawn D. Wilson, Orleans Parish Sheriff, Susan Hutson, New Orleans Police Department Deputy Superintendent, Christopher Goodly, Grambling State University Police Department Chief, Rodney Demery, Southern University Police Department Public Information Officer, Corporal Marquis Baldwin, Southwestern Athletic Conference Commissioner, Dr. Charles F. McClelland, New Orleans Convention Corporation, Inc. Director of Intergovernmental and Community Relations, Tari Bradford, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Southwestern Region Centennial Regional Director, Miranda Moore, 69th Miss Grambling State University, Kelli Copes, and Grambling State University Student Government Association President, Jaquel Brooks

This Holiday Season kicked off with people traveling across the country to see their loved ones, many traveling by car. Studies have shown that Black people are more likely to not wear seat belts. A practice that potentially can lead to the potential of being injured or to fatalities while driving.

Last week during Bayou Classic, Le Sanctuary and LHSC team members were joined by state and local public safety officials at the press conference to encourage seat belt usage for everyone in a vehicle.

Recognizing that the proper use of seatbelts can reduce the risk of death by 45 percent and serious injuries by 50 percent, all traffic safety advocates and stakeholders throughout Louisiana are committed to increasing awareness that proper use of seatbelts saves lives. In Louisiana, motor vehicle crashes continue to be a leading cause of traffic-related deaths due to people not wearing seat belts.

“Most good accessories cost a pretty penny,” Executive Director Lisa Freeman said. “Even still, some are beyond the reach of many—and then, there’s no guarantee that it will flatter the person wearing it.”

LHSC re-introduced the single most important accessory—one that is universally available and happens to mean the difference between a happy ending and a tragedy: It is the good, old-fashioned SEAT BELT—it goes with everything, it looks good on everyone, and it never clashes with whatever team colors you’re wearing.

And, most critically, seat belts save lives. In a time where Louisiana is seeing increases in roadway fatalities, this is the one item that can make a difference in you and your family getting to your destination. Arriving alive is the best way to look good. So, we encouraged everyone at the Bayou Classic to maximize and accessorize safety. Be a fashionista for safety—Buckle up day and night. Every seat, every trip, every time.

Le Sanctuary, Inc. and the LHSC are fully committed to promoting seatbelt safety through law enforcement responses and public education. The Seat Belts Look Good on You Campaign aimed to encourage all Louisianans to drive safely during this holiday season, and that begins with everyone in a vehicle using a seatbelt in all travels near and far.

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