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As we walk away from 2022 into a new year of splendor, leaving behind those who may have hurt us, those who did not live up to who we thought they were and how love was represented in our relationships; let us run towards change by starting to live for ourselves at this present moment; letting go of the unwanted-pressure that has been strangling us and fly free, because we need to continue to dream.

Should you need a little inspiration for change in setting goals for the New Year, perhaps you should start working on that vision board, invest in yourself and really focus on what you would like to manifest in your life as you have a clear and clean slate for change. Tap back into that little girl who loved to sing, start drawing, decorate your office and start living as you take control of your own happiness.

The key here is to forgive those who poured grease on your Lilies. Those who made promises and commitments too big for them to fulfill. Girl, let go of the small things and trust that you have the power to create and invent a new you because you are tough.

You are all that you need to make a difference. Take all the love you pour into others and start loving you. Be there for you, appreciate you and realize that you are strong and wise enough to turn your own life around by living life for yourself.

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