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How Do You Feel About the New Orleans Pelicans Winning the NBA Draft Lottery?

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Welcome to Pipeline to the People. We are excited to re-introduce the popular column where we gauge the pulse of the community regarding pertinent issues and matters of importance, influence, and interest.

People are celebrating and buzzing around the Crescent City, where recently the New Orleans Pelicans won the NBA Draft Lottery and will get the number one pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Data News Weekly went out to engage the community’s reaction on this potentially game-changing news.

Tyra Barabino: Actress and Writer
“Getting the number one pick, and potentially Zion Williamson is exactly what the City and the Pelicans needed. Especially with the Pelicans being on the brink of losing the former number one player Anthony Davis, this will put the team back on track to compete with the best of the best teams in the NBA, as well as give the team a much-needed spark for next year’s season.”

Charlie Tenner: Culture Bearer, Comanche Hunter’s Spyboy – Mardi Gras Indian
“I believe the Pelicans are gonna be a good team with or without Anthony Davis. In the second half of this season the Pelicans played hard with the pieces they had. With them gaining the 1st pick of the 2019 NBA draft, that’s gonna make the Pelicans more dangerous and more competitive in the next few years.”

Craig Jones: Owner of Mardi Gras Tyme Food Truck and Catering
“New Orleans has been known as a football town with the Saints, but with the Pelicans having the number one pick in the upcoming NBA draft we can invest in making the Pelicans a winning team. The ownership in Gayle Benson is bringing in top management to help the franchise on this mission and with them most likely drafting Zion Williamson will create fan excitement. It is something not only great for the Pelicans Organization, but for the citizens of the City and those who continue to love and support New Orleans and our rich culture and heritage.”

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