Sexy Summer Swimwear

By Delaney George

As summer approaches, more and more trends arise, and a fashionista may fall behind on what’s “in”. This summer will be an especially hot one and with these upcoming swim styles you’re sure to be the sexiest, coolest, beach babe in town.

The High Waist Bikini: Originally introduced in the 50’s, the high-waist cut bathing suit is one of the most form-fitting suits a woman can have. It’s high cut waist lines help a woman’s hips shape her and direct attention to her figure. The swim bottoms also had a huge impact in the 90’s but today, it is a must-have for all sexy ladies looking to give their curves a spotlight.

The thought of long sleeves on a hot day might be unfathomable to most, but a long sleeve swimsuit top is stylish and protective. The sun can be harsh on the skin at times, and a long sleeve swim top can prevent burns from harmful rays. In addition to that, it’s stylish and abstract. A bikini and a skin tight long sleeve top screams sex appeal and is sure to show on any one who wears it.

And finally, for future summer styles think patterns, patterns, patterns! Even the dullest of bathing suits can be brought to life with a swirl here, or a polka dot there. Patterns and fun multicolored swim sets are sure to be a hit for this summer’s swim styles.

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