Snoop Dogg: NFL Owners have Slavemaster Mentality. I Would have Settled for $1 Billion

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Snoop Dogg recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club” Radio Program and weighed in on the Jay-Z-NFL partnership, among other things.

During the interview, Snoop first addressed the Colin Kaepernick and said: “What I would have loved to have seen is for someone to ask (NFL Commissioner) Roger Goodell why did they (the NFL) blackball Colin Kaepernick…He couldn’t find a job and he was better than 80 percent of the players in there,” said Snoop. And as to the settlement Kaepernick took from the NFL, the rap icon said, “To me, I would have waited…I would have gone all the way to a billion.”

And as to the deal fellow rapper Jay-Z made with the NFL, Snoop chimed in: “Instead of Jay-Z, it should have been (Kaepernick)…he started all this.”

Talking further about the deal, Snoop sees hope for major change in the NFL with Jay-Z’s involvement, especially considering Jay-Z’s background.

“Now you’re bringing someone from hip hop and the drug world into your situation it’s going to be a problem if he (Jay Z) doesn’t get control they are going to start to throw rocks at him saying he ain’t do nothing…but if he does get control then the NFL will be over,” Snoop declared, and continued, “because there will be some real Black owners…Them white owners that got that slave mentality are getting old, and their kids and their grandkids love this s— (hip hop). They have a different mindset, they have a different perception of this race stuff. They love the culture.”

When asked why some people are attacking Jay-Z over the deal, he answerd, “It’s that mentality of Willie Lynch, they want us to be divided and pick and choose sides instead of working together. Why can’t I like what Jay-Z is doing and still love Colin?”Snoop isn’t the only celebrity who has referred to the slave mentality of NFL owners. LeBron James also said that NFL owners have a slave mentality.

The NBA star made the comments during a broadcast of his HBO discussion show, “The Shop.”He said: “In the NFL they got a bunch of old white men owning teams and they got that slave mentality. And it’s like, ‘This is my team. You do what the f— I tell y’all to do. Or we get rid of y’all,’” The Guardian reported.

Snoop Dogg recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club” radio program and weighed in on the Jay-Z-NFL partnership, among other things.

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