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DIONNE CHARACTER Female Empowerment Columnist

There’s a fire burning in all of us screaming to be reactivated with joy and intentions but until you start slowing down you won’t be able to connect with the power that comes with the elements of Activation, Passion, Creation, and Doing.

Though it may seem like your light may stay dim forever, you can restore your flame by listening to your inner voice telling you to let go of past relationships, old routines and those eating habits that have been destroying your self-esteem because you choose to not listen to your conscious mind and would rather keep coming back to the same place and running into the same unhealthy situations as they continue to block all human experiences, leaving you with unhappiness and doubt because you are too hard headed to rise above it all and listen to your beautiful heart.

I encourage you to start a daily routine of rising a little earlier in the morning before the telephone calls, the traffic, the news and all the noise that will hold you hostage as you think of ways to restart your fire to ignite your dreams and goals by staying in the moment and being present as you center yourself, implementing daily healthy rituals.

I suggest you keep your inner flame alive, in balance and listening by setting some goals, so that you can tap back into your life bringing forth the joy and balance needed by simply putting you first and not making everyone else happy.

Look yourself in the mirror and say positive affirmations like: “I am smart, I am kind, I am worthy, I am enough, and I am brave.” Take a quiet moment to review and digest all that has happened in your life and bulldoze it right out of your way because it’s time for you to give yourself more credit. You are a woman; you are capable, and you deserve to be happy.

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