DIONNE CHARACTER Female Empowerment Columnist

Many of us are walking around broken from past relationships living half-empty lives carrying heavy boulders on our beautiful shoulders wondering why things are not flowing accordingly through our existence here on earth. We are disgruntled and angry with the world remaining in constant aggravation because we are holding on to things and people who have let us down somewhere in our childhood lives.

Today, let us recognize that until we write these wrongs, things will continue to stack up higher and higher in our live as our growth will continue being blocked by old memories and traumas. Yes, you have been hurt and maybe shamed but you can use these things as ammunition to make you a stronger woman, mother, and a best friend as you allow yourself to grow in healing.

Use this time as an awakening and start writing healing letters to yourself or to those who have harmed you as these people are living their lives and maybe have no idea that they’ve done you any harm. Take back your power today by simply acknowledging that you have been hurt, you have been let down and use that energy to heal yourself, so that you can free your spirit in knowing that you have survived and start taking back your divine power.

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