The Age of Shirt Dresses

By Delaney George

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Fashion can be confusing, but it sure is innovative. In today’s fashion world, people are becoming more and more creative with how they dress themselves. A belt can become a necklace, a hoodie can become a two-piece set, and now a shirt can become a dress.

Oversized clothing used to be something you’d return or give away, but the shirt/dress trick has most women reconsidering that shirt that might be two sizes too big. For example, oversized tees, sweaters, flannels, and jackets have the potential to become a hot ensemble with the comfortable feel of a nightgown. Shirt-dresses typically fit loose and have been altered to be long yet still hold a complementing shape.

The shirt-dress is the perfect outfit for the woman who wants to be stylish and glam, without the uncomfortable tight-fitting mini dress. An easy way to create your own shirt dress is to go in a man’s closet and find a loose-fitting item for your shape. You can either use a belt around the waist to accentuate your frame or let it hang and show off your legs. No matter what, your shirt-dress is where fashion meets comfort.

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