The Sound and Fury of Rick James

Elise Storm
Data News Weekly Contributor

The life of The Ultimate Funk Star Rick James is on display in a recent documentary airing on Showtime and several streaming platforms.

In recent years, many have been reminded of him as a caricature, from the Chappelle Show. But the true story is much more complex as told in The Sound and Fury of Rick JamesÓ shows a talented and revolutionary artist who was ahead of his time and shaped the sound of music for future generations.

A versatile artist, whose music transcended boundaries and categories, James was as easily comfortable rocking out, doing disco and funk, soul ballads, or collaborating with rap artist that were emerging on the scene in the 1980Õs.

Director Sacha Jenkins paints an intricate portrait of this misunderstood genius. The film has many talking heads, who are legendary in their own right speaking about the music and bigger than life personality of Rick James.

This along with the recent releases; the documentary on Mary J. Blige and the recent biopic on Aretha, is a trifecta of a great binge watch or a date night. I strongly recommend tuning into this great documentary on the King of Funk and Soul Rick James.

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