The State of MLK’s Dream

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The Dream of America

In the year 2023 we continue to ask ourselves what is the State of MLK’s Dream? Where questions remain, are we closer to a day where the people of a nation founded on the proposition that all are created equal becoming a reality? Arguably, it can be stated that we are still living in “Two Americas” where prosperity and poverty continues to divide the citizens of this country. Where race and class are both issues that define how citizens perceive the Dream of America or the lack thereof.

Two Americas

Dr. King’s life has come to be defined by many as sound bites from speeches such as “I Have A Dream” but his life as a soldier on the frontline as one the leaders of a movement dedicated to social change is important to note. For it is instructive for those who are committed to making the world a better place for all. Yes, his life is one steeped in history, but we are walking in the trail blazed by him and so many others to continue the fight. Admittedly, we have come a long way in the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality in this country. As in 2023 continues to not be a place where some can reach their full God given potential. Moreover, the signs that once stood as a daily reminder of second-class citizenship no longer exist, but systemic practices continue whether it is in the criminal justice, education, housing discrimination, a two-tiered medical system and other structural impediments that impacts the most vulnerable of this nation.

The Struggle for Justice: An American Dilemma

Indeed, this country has amended its way into becoming a more just country since its founding that defined Blacks as 3/5th a human. Today, it is more important than ever for citizens to realize that we must unite around the things that unite us and not divide us. This is what Dr. King did throughout his life whether it was working to end racial discrimination, or by the end of his life launching the Poor People’s Campaign.

During that time, the movement was about mobilizing and organizing people around a movement that was focused on citizens aspiring to a higher morality. Where people can see in others their mutual humanity. This was done with the technology of its time television to dramatize truth. Additionally, those committed to the cause went into communities speaking to people about their rights. Fast forward to the age we live in it is much easier via technology to disseminate information and organize people around a cause. For example, Black Lives Matter, Me Too and other contemporary movements began online and then moved to direct action. This is important to note, because just as it was yesterday during the Civil Rights Movement the fight for justice and equality must be fought on multiple fronts if it is to be successful today.

Making the Dream a Reality: It Will Take All of Us

Ultimately, it will take a holistic approach to combat the forces that are working against efforts to make this country one that is true to its founding principles for all its citizens. Today it is incumbent to truly be a nation working towards becoming a more perfect union. Moreover, one where all people are not only created equal but treated equally. Indeed, getting there this is the task of all Americans. To begin to build bridges of understanding into our common humanity regardless of our race, gender, class, creed, color, religion, and sexual orientation, and whatever divides us. If we use this as our North Star, which is defined as symbol of inspiration and hope, then we can make the Dream of not just Dr. King, but the American Dream a Reality.

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