Troy Carter The Best Choice For Congress


Terry B. Jones Publisher Data News Weekly
While we are in the middle of a heated race where voters will decide who will represent Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District; we demand that it’s time not just send a fighter, but to send someone who actually understands governing and how to GET THINGS DONE.
Troy Carter is this person; he’s been a bridge builder that can bring different people together to govern and bring desperately needed resources to the District. He has the ear of leadership and if elected will have the relationships necessary to “GET THINGS DONE”.
We do not have time to take a chance with a candidate who is not aligned with those who can make an immediate difference in shaping policies that can have an immediate impact on the people of the District. We cannot gamble away our future, because in these times we really need someone in D.C. who knows how to GET THINGS DONE!!
This is why Troy Carter’s been able to get the endorsements of a wide variety of voters across the District. And in these contentious times we need someone who can bring people together helping them recognize that we are more alike than different in what we want for the District moving forward. I believe that Troy is this person and has proven this throughout his career in politics and business. He’s someone who continues to GET THINGS DONE.
He’s also given back and been part of philanthropic efforts and serving the community in a way that’s selfless, helping those in need. And it is today we need this kind of leader; one that could inspire this spirit in all of us and together we can GET THINGS DONE.
We at Data News Weekly as “the People Paper” proudly put our support behind Troy Carter, because he’s by far the best choice and please support him with your vote on Election Day and elect a candidate who knows how to GET THINGS DONE.

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