Troy Carter Wins Election for Louisiana 2nd Congressional District

“This Victory Belongs To The People”

Edwin Buggage

Mr. Carter Goes to Washington

It was an election that began with 15 candidates competing to represent Louisiana’s 2nd District in the U.S. Congress; now a victor has been declared. Troy Carter has emerged from the crowded field as the winner and is now headed to Washington D.C. to fill the rest of the term left vacant by Cedric Richmond, who is now working as a Senior Advisor in the Biden Administration as the Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Surrounded by his family and supporters on election night Carter gave a unifying and uplifting message of hope, optimism, and bridge building for Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District. A recipe, he’s used throughout his time in politics to get things done.

“First, I want to thank the people of LA-02. I want to thank my family, my wife, my kids, and my siblings. I want to thank my team, the volunteers, and the donors. Thank you to the first responders who kept us safe during the Pandemic. To the unions, ministers, supporters, and so many elected officials who gave us their support. Thank you all,” said Carter.

Lessons from My Mother…Faith, Hard Work and Service

During his campaign he spoke of his mother Eartha Fleming Carter as his biggest inspiration and guiding light for him and his siblings.

“When someone runs for an office their whole family runs with them. I want to especially thank my mother who raised all of us and taught us that we could do anything we set our minds to. A woman who put herself through Xavier while raising all of us and taught us all the importance of faith, hard work, and service.”

Building Bridges and Getting Things Done

Troy Carter’s career is one that’s been defined by bringing together diverse groups to get things done. In part, it seems a natural given early in his career he represented District C while a member of the New Orleans City Council that was on both the East and West Bank. Today, he will be serving a District that spans 10 parishes from New Orleans, the River Parishes and Parts of Baton Rouge.

He was endorsed by many diverse groups that ran the gamut that included, political, civic, and business leaders. Also, he was endorsed by many local media outlets that included the New Orleans Data News Weekly.

While all endorsements are important, the early support of Cedric Richmond, was key and will give Carter a major ally in having the necessary relationships with the leadership in Washington D.C. to do what he’s always done by bringing back resources to the District and getting things done.

Cedric Richmond, who was in the crowd during the Carter’s victory speech with his son on his shoulders watching this historic moment.

“When Cedric Richmond told me, he thought I was the right person to replace him as the voice of LA-02, I took it to prayer, asking the Lord if I were the right person. Thank you for having confidence in me, Cedric,” he said from the podium.

Voice of the People

Carter understands this victory is not his alone, but one of the people who elected him, because they believed he could deliver on what is needed for the District.

“From the first day of this campaign I said I wanted to be the voice of the people. I started the campaign by traveling the District and simply listening. Today is a big victory for me, but really, it’s a victory for you. Your voice was heard tonight at the ballot box, and now I go to Washington to be your voice for the things we need.”

Planning to hit the ground running, his agenda includes: Economic recovery from COVID-19, Increased Minimum Wage, Criminal Justice Reform, Environmental Justice, LGBTQ Rights and a many other issues that are important in the District.

Representing All the People of Louisiana 2nd Congressional District

“This was a hard-fought race, and now it is time to come together.”
These are important and crucial times for the District, the country, and the world. In these times the sometimes status quo of tribal politics, narrow vision and patronage cannot find its way into policy, a policy agenda that requires a much larger vision for those entrusted to represent their constituents as an elected leaders.  Carter understand this and stated he is ready for the challenge.

“I want to be clear – I welcome everyone to our tent because the election is over, and I represent everyone. From the guy who needs a second chance after a DUI, to the woman who wonders how she will afford her diabetes medications — I want you all to know you deserve the resources to live up to your full potential. You deserve a voice in Washington. And that’s who I will be. The voice of the people – you, my constituents.”

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