You’re Picture Perfect So Frame It!

Every once in a while, a woman’s insecurities may come out to bother her. That little black dress may be too little and your lucky jeans may have lost their spark. When this happens, you may not feel your sexiest, but luckily due to new advances in modern technology, there are a few waves to make every twist, turn and curve on your body pop.

Waist Trainers:
Waist training is the new “It” workout tool. Waist trainers are commonly used for slimming down a woman’s waist and highlighting her bottom area. Waist trainers also provide a perfect slimming silhouette and back arch under any ensemble, but it is advised to only be worn while working out for safety purposes.

Corset Tops:
Corsets, like waist trainers, highlight a smaller curvier waist but unlike a waist trainer it also accentuates the bosom area of a woman. The tighter it’s pulled, the more striking you look; a corset is an old fashion favorite that never disappoints. A corset top is sure to hold everything together and in the right spots.

Skirt Slits:
Long skirts, short skirts, jean skirts, no matter the type, all look amazing with leg slits. Nothing screams sexy like a leg peeking out of a stylish skirt. Skirt slits highlight your leg without showing too much. Or for our daring fashionistas, a mini skirt or dress with a slit is sure to turn heads.

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