4 Tips for Wearing Your Hair in a ‘Fro

The afro is possibly the easiest style to sport when you have officially run out of ideas. Sometimes you just want your hair to be free and proudly show off every curl and kink you were blessed with. However, you can risk dryness and tangles with this style because your hair is not bound to move in a specific way as it would in twists or braids. If you’re thinking about letting your curls roam free this summer, try these important tips:

1. Always moisturize your hair – Afros can increase dryness in your hair because your curls are exposed to the elements. Reduce dryness by using a deep conditioner, a leave-in, and an oil to seal your ends. I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil to seal my ends to counteract the exposure to the air and clothes.

2. Keep your hands out of your hair – An afro is best left untouched. This will keep you from unnecessarily pulling and possibly breaking your hair strands. This is especially important for fine hair.

3. Keep your scalp moisturized – Along with moisturizing your actual hair, your scalp can get dry as well. Use a deep conditioner that contains moisturizing oils for your scalp. Also, do not use shampoos with sulfates as they might dry out your scalp. I like to use shea butter and tea tree oil to increase moisture.

4. Comb out the hair – Free your afro of tangles by gently combing them out and then sporting your afro. An afro full of tangles will only create more problems so it’s much better to wear a tangle-free undefined look than a tangled ‘fro full of curl definition.

Happy Growing!

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