Five ways to let your black girl magic shine all summer long

How to look flawless this summer

How to look flawless this summer. Photo by Delaney George.

Summer is here. The sun is beaming, and African-American women are glowing all over the metro area. The New Orleans streets are filled with Black girl magic and melanin galore this summer. And, with these five tips, you could make that Black radiance shine even brighter.

24k skin gives the skin a golden, shimmering glow. Photo courtesy of: @NewCreationn on Instagram

Skin: You can give yourself that goddess style glow while still protecting your skin by using bronzers, highlighters, and products that give your skin that summer glow. These products are great for a beach day, a night under the City lights, or for that one day you decide to show a little extra skin. The shine and sparkle these products give your skin are sure to turn heads. Local products such as 24k skin sold on @Newcreationn on Instagram is a perfect example of a product that glows.

Model Dee, where’s 2 natural puff balls to show off her natural girl summer style. Shot by: Delaney George

Hair: Whether you’re a natural, relaxed, or a hair-installment kind of girl, let that Black girl style and personality shine through your hair this summer. Naturals can let their curls down, wear them in puffs, or go wild with a more frizzy style. If you have hair installed or get perms, go crazy with vibrant colors and exotic textures to express the summer essence.

These jeans paired with a pin-stripped crop top accentuate this model’s diamond belly ring. Shot by: @theoptomistdreamer on Instagram

Piercings: Piercings come in all shapes, colors, and sizes just like us. Whether you’re more of an ear person, or a belly person, piercing add flare, style, and a sense of mystery to any ensemble. Earrings and nose rings are a must for some women, and recently belly button rings are becoming a necessity as well. Belly rings are perfect for that crop top you’ve been dying to wear or that two-piece bikini suit you bought for the beach.

Model poses in a chic sexy bathing suit showing off her radiant brown skin. Photo courtesy of: @Six13swim on Instagram.

Swimwear: Nothing says melanin more than a Black woman soaking up some sun on a hot summer day in her stylish skin complementing swimsuit. This is the summer to let your skin glow, your curves shine, and your style do all the talking with the perfect swimsuit. Whether you’re a two-piece kind of girl, a monokini maniac, or wonderful one-piece wearer, there is no excuse not to wear a swimsuit this summer.

Model shows off her PoisonOddites body jewelry. Shot by: Dominic Scott

Body Jewelry: If you’re not the daring type to get a piercing, there are many other stylish ways to accentuate the body for this summer. Body chains, thigh chains, and chokers are all ways to make your skin and curves pop all at once. These accessories can make an outfit or swimsuit by giving that extra sexy touch a look needs. Local retailer, @Poisonoddities on Instagram has the latest in body jewelry fashion.

For more on where to buy visit @Delannii on Instagram or email for more info.

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