A Season of Change

Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist

This weekend, I sat at the pool feeling the cool breeze blowing against my cheekbones with ease while my ear drums danced to the sounds of the trees telling tales on a California windy day. I was suddenly reminded of the changing of the season as the birds flew in harmony together across the morning sky.

It’s time to prepare for a new season. Letting go of past traumas and people we seem to carry along with us, year after year. It’s time to let go of thinking you have to have all the answers and need to journey all alone when there are strong women who are making happiness a priority because life is what you make of it and not what your boss may think.

It’s time to stop thinking you are fat and not do anything about it. It’s time to stop eating meat. It’s time to stop drinking dairy and it’s time to let go of the alcohol because it’s full of sugar. It’s time to rise above it all and love you more by starting to balance your mind, body, and soul, so that in this next season your relationships, your family, your health, your spiritual life, and your finances will be in order.

In this new season, you should be renewing yourself, creating quiet time to reflect on your situation, your desires and your ideals. Start something new, so you won’t have to feel the chaos within. Deal with the problems that have been limiting your life. Do not take this time for granted for it is a new season to change the course of your destiny as you evolve into a stronger woman who can make better choices.

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