All Elections Matter

Get Out and Vote on Dec. 5th

Terry Jones

Terry B. Jones Publisher, Data News Weekly

In our role as The People’s Paper we continue to ask all of our citizens to get out and vote. As you’ll know we have made history by electing an African American woman to the Vice-Presidency, in Kamala Harris,
This is something we should be proud of as a people; but the fact is, while our national elections are important, I would argue that who we elect to lead us locally is more important and impact our lives more directly.

Therefore, we cannot sit idly by and not vote in this election. I think back to not even a month ago when people waited in long lines for several hours in some cases to vote in the November Election.

This was a watershed moment for us, as we saw the collective power of our voices when we get out and vote.

In the December 5th Election, several important races are on the ballot, as well as a three millage propositions.

These races include District Attorney, various races for judge, school board and other important offices; so we are asking all to get out and vote.

It is your hands that will shape the future of the City and its direction.

As the Publisher of Data News Weekly, I am asking you to let your voices be heard at the polls, because all elections matter.

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