Chess and Mastering the Game of Life

October 24, 2018 Edwin Buggage 0

By Edwin Buggage Business Meets Chess and Kids Empowers Brings Together New Orleans Business Leaders and Young People Chess is a game that requires amazing skill, in addition, it teaches the mastering strategies and tactics […]

Why You Should Vote?

October 3, 2018 Edwin Buggage 0

Edwin Buggage Voting, Citizenship and Three Fifths A Person We are on the eve of yet another election, and it is incumbent that people get out and vote. And while voter apathy is something that […]

A Celebration of True Beauty

August 29, 2018 Edwin Buggage 0

By Edwin Buggage Photos by Glenn Summers Greater Glam and the True Definition of Beauty For several decades Greater St. Stephen Ministries has been a place where spirits are fed on a consistent basis. The […]

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