Data News Weekly Endorse Troy Carter for U.S. Congress

Experience and a Record of Getting Things Done

Troy Carter
Troy Carter

Terry B. Jones Publisher, Data News Weekly

It is time for Citizens to again go to the polls and vote. As Publisher of Data News Weekly… “The People’s Paper”; it is my view that we must send someone to Washington, who can hit the ground running and get things done.

It seems through the fog of candidates only one stands out and that person is Troy Carter. In his many years as an elected official, he’s been able to build coalitions to get elected and once in office he has a proven record of getting things done.

He’s done this on the City and State level and now he can bring this to Washington D.C. as our next Congressman representing Louisiana Congressional District 2. These are serious times and on many fronts the District needs a fighter, but also someone who has the relationships with the leadership in Congress and the ear of the White House.

These are qualities that Troy Carter possesses, as he’s earned the endorsement of a cross-section of leaders on the City, State and National levels, from Cedric Richmond, to Civic, business, and everyday people of all races, classes, and gender in Louisiana Congressional District 2. They are all supporting him because he can bring the resources, we need to get the things we need to improve our District.

While the field is a large one, with 15 candidates, I am asking you to consider electing someone who has the relationships to have a seat at the table and make the case for our district. I am asking all to come out in the primary to vote and make the clear choice for who I feel is best suited to lead our District and that is Troy Carter.

A Proven Leader, with a record of excellence. A bridge builder, who can bring people together and someone who can once elected get things done. In this race there is only one candidate who can accomplish this and that is Troy Carter.

So please join me in supporting my friend Troy Carter for U.S. Louisiana 2nd Congressional District.

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