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Early Voting October 23-30

It is that time again and Data News Weekly is encouraging all of the citizens to get out and vote for the November 6th election. As we know that as National Election Day falls on a Tuesday, so we at Data News Weekly are encouraging our readers if possible to vote early. The days our citizens can began casting ballots begins on October 23-30 at various locations around the city.

Things to Look at On the Ballot

There are several races on the ballot that we feel are important for our readers. Louisiana 2nd Congressional District, Clerk of Civil District Court, Clerk of 1st District City Court, and Judge of Civil District Court Division E.

And most importantly, we at Data News have been focusing on Louisiana Constitutional Amendment 2; that has to do with repealing the non-unanimous verdict in serious felonies. A law that originated in the Jim Crow Era and been one of the reasons that the State of Louisiana has become for many years held the distinction of the World’s Prison Capital.

One cannot overstate that these are important times for our city, state and nation. We are undoubtedly in historic times and that voting or not voting can have a major impact on public policies that affects the African-American community.

So, it is without question that voting early is in the best interest for our community. We at Data News Weekly have provided some of the important information that you must know before voting in addition to our endorsements.

Voting Information

The registrars of voters will open their offices from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for each day of early voting. When you go to cast your vote early, you will be asked to identify yourself with either a photo ID or signature on a voter affidavit. You may use a driver’s license, a Louisiana Special ID or some other generally recognized picture ID that has your name and signature. You may wish to contact your local Registrar of Voters Office for specific locations, dates and times.

Important Dates for November 6th Election

• October 9, 2018: Was the last day to register to vote in person & by mail

• October 16, 2018: Was the last day to register to vote (online)

• October 23-30, 2018: Early voting, 8:30am-6pm, excluding Sunday

• Voters who need help finding their polling location can call (504) 658-8300 or use the Louisiana Voter Portal

Important Dates for December 8th Election

• November 7, 2018: Last day to register to vote in person & by mail

• November 17, 2018: Last day to register to vote (online)

• November 24 – December 1, 2018: Early voting, 8:30am-6pm, excluding Sunday

Early Voting Sites

City Hall

1300 Perdido Street, Room 1W24

New Orleans, LA 70112


Algiers Courthouse

225 Morgan Street, Room 105

New Orleans, LA 70114


Chef Menteur Voting Machine Warehouse Site

8870 Chef Menteur Highway

New Orleans, LA 70126


Lake Vista Community Center

6500 Spanish Fort Blvd.

New Orleans, LA 70124


In these important times get out and vote and let your hands shape the future of our great city.

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