Use Your Voice & Do Your Part By Voting

Renée Dugué, Exec. Dir. of Reborn & Rising in Houston, TX, taking time away from her WALK4WATER Campaign to exercise her right to vote. She encourages everyone to walk in truth and light on your path from desire to purpose.

Renée Dugué Co-Founder Reborn & Rising

As I write from Houston, TX and you read from where you are, there are commonalities we share with so many others across this country. Collectively we are energized as much as we are sick and tired, yet we remain enthused and inspired to exercise our right to vote. We cast our vote for our ancestors who couldn’t, and to honor those who fought and died to give us the freedom to use our voice to do more than just hope for change but to actually make a difference. How proud are they to see us unified standing in lines wrapped around buildings for miles? I can picture their crooked smiles, and hear Martin saying, “I have a dream.” We are living, breathing, walking, talking proof of that dream coming true. We should all be proud too!

We should also realize that there is still so much work to do. Our vote is our voice, and our walk is our work. Be encouraged to walk it like you talk it. Our votes say we want change, now what will we actually do to make a difference? Think about your community and what matters to you? Is it the elderly, the homeless, education, activities for the youth, neighborhood safety, health and wellness, mental health, addiction? After identifying what matters most to you, think about what you can do with the resources you currently have. Just you; no one else. From your heart, with your hands, what can you do? Will you buy a loaf of bread, lunch meat, four apples, four bananas, four oranges, and a case of water to make twelve bag lunches to give to feed the hungry? Imagine the impact you can make by spending $20 and a total of two hours…doing and being the change, you want to see!

Now imagine if everyone who voted left the polls returned to their homes and took these same steps in the areas that they are passionate about. How encouraged and empowered would we be as we each take steps forward, offering the gifts we have, contributing just where we are, committed to doing the work one day at a time. Individually being the change will create massive waves of change…all from the ripple effect of our collective first step. WE possess the power to be the change WE want to see. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

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