From Desire To Purpose…A Dreamer’s Journey


What’s Next As You Step Into The New Year

Renée Dugué Co-Founder and Executive Director of Reborn & Rising
As the end of 2020 is upon us and we ease into another bi-polar Southern winter, let’s do a temperature check on our external and internal climates. When we reflect on our experiences this year, and its effects on us, an immediate response could be… “We are not ok!” COVID deaths, rising debts, blatant brutality, racist mentality, business/school closures, foreclosures, unethical policies, pending forced vaccines…most of us just want to wake up from this nightmare we’ve been forced to cover half of our face, shelter in place and suffer through. Scared, helpless, and hopeless like little children, we’re looking to see who we can run to for help to get us through what feels like unprecedented times.

Take a moment though, to think about what our ancestors felt when they were shackled, shuffled, and stuffed like sardines in a ship. Imagine their racing thoughts and rollercoaster of emotions, traversing the waves of the ocean as their bodies were drowning in waste, stinking, while their spirits were sinking. They too were scared, helpless, and hopeless. There was no one or place they could run to. What did they do? Call it Voodoo, some say hoodoo, but they knew they had to pull through…and they did. Our people did. And we will too.

As we analyze our situations and assess where we are physically, financially, spiritually, there may be an inclination to become overwhelmed. Identifying the who, what, why, where, when, and how in the world are we gonna get out of this state seems daunting. In those stressful moments, pause, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and look within. Draw from the Melanated Magic and supernatural strength of our ancestors to reawaken the collective spirituality and belief in ourselves that has been stripped away and polluted. Realize you were born with all you need to survive and succeed. Be encouraged to move from whispered instructions that speak to your heart. Connect with kindred beings who are also seeking to rise above and beyond the chaos into the calmness, clarity, and comfort of the sun. Through the sharing of our experiences, we will find the strength to heal, move forward on our paths, discover our passions, and true purpose, and explore tangible possibilities of making our wildest dreams come true.

Regardless of your current circumstance, you’re still standing. Our Creator woke you and me up today, on purpose, because our soul still has a purpose to fulfill in this plane. Each rising of the sun gives us another opportunity to be who Our Creator is calling us to be. We must fully embrace every day as a wake-up call to rise, shine, and share the beautiful light that lives in all of us. Prioritizing peace, taking each step-in gratitude, I walk every day, literally, on my journey from desire to purpose. Be encouraged as you take the next steps on your path.

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