Hair Fashion: Less Isn’t More Anymore!

By Delaney George

In today’s world of Fashion, you can’t go a second without seeing a highlighter colored wig and weave down to the floor. Influencers like Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim were some of the first ladies to go above and beyond when it comes to hair. There is no such thing as “subtle” hair colors or “appropriate” hair lengths anymore, now hair is a personal statement done in your way.

Wigs today are more common now then they were during the Motown era. From the older generations to the millennials today, there is no shame in those who wear wigs. In fact, the wig making industry today is bigger than ever, shifting the way people wear and view their natural hair. Some wigs are short, long, yellow, purple, anything that their real hair isn’t. Wigs are giving people more diversity and ease of style change in fashion.

Although wigs have led more people to refrain from getting hair sewn-in, weaves today have also become personal fashion statements. Some weaves are now being made and sewn-in the heads of women to surpass or equal up to their height. The mentality in hair today, is to go big or go home, and many women have purchased weaves of every color in the rainbow and in any inch. The style of these weaves is always unique and hard to turn away from.

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