How to Protect Your Natural Hair This Summer

The sunshine is upon us and that can mean anywhere from a lovely, warm day to scorching heat. We all know that our skin needs plenty of protection from the sun’s rays, regardless of your complexion, by using a potent sunscreen lotion. But your luscious curls and kinks also need a little more TLC during the summer months. The summer if perfect for wearing your natural hair down and out but that doesn’t mean to let it hang loose without taking some extra precaution. Natural hair tends to become overly dry and brittle from the environment so here are a few tips to protect those locks while you’re out enjoying the bright weather.
1. Co-Wash – Instead of shampooing, use a moisturizing conditioner more than once a week to wash your hair. This will ensure that your hair will retain more moisture throughout the day. If you’re a swimmer, try loading your curls with conditioner before dipping into the pool to save your hair from the dryness due to chlorine.
2. Embrace the Shrinkage – Although shrinkage is notorious from hiding your hair’s true length and volume, shrinkage is necessary to retain as much moisture as possible. Since you’ll have more moisture in your hair anyway from constant washing and swimming, it’s best to just let your hair do what nature intended. 
3. Spritz and Seal – To retain moisture while on the go, get a spray bottle that’s filled with water to dampen your hair. Then add a moisturizing oil such as jojoba, castor, almond, and even shea butter. The oil helps to seal in the water that would be easily lost to natural evaporation.
4. Wear A Hat – Just like your skin needs protection against harmful UV rays, so does your hair. A cute sun hat is perfect for hiding your curls from harsh sun rays.

Happy Growing!

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