JWS Couture Launch

This past Sunday, local Designer and Visionary Justice Williams launched her debut collection of couture designs to the public. Guests were greeted with wine, champagne and delightful hors d’oeuvres upon arrival.  Vendors such as Bold Holds, Goddess Elusions, and Shop with Pink were all in attendance for the fashion filled premiere. Everyone indulged in merriment and fashion but more importantly saw what the millennial fashionista had up her sleeve for her very first line.
Since age nine, Williams has had an eye for fashion and style. Some of her inspirations such as Chanel and Gucci played a big role not only in her life, but in her own designs as well. Williams’ Couture is nothing short of high fashion and elegance. Her brand gives off a clean-cut chic style with a hint of 90’s nostalgia.
“I want people to experience a very sophisticated look from my designs, such as the 90’s Channel looks” Williams said.
Williams had been working on her designs for some time before their release. She went on to say that between sketching, designing and bringing everything to life, the process was not an easy one, but it was worth it. Since the premiere of her designs, Williams is now accepting consultations and pre-orders for the various ensembles shown at her event. For more information on the high-end couture, Williams and her future projects and designs visit www.jwscouture.com or her social media @Justicewms.

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