Mayor Cantrell Commemorates Hurricane Katrina 15th Anniversary with Wreath Laying

City of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS — Mayor LaToya Cantrell today commemorated the 15th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a wreath-laying ceremony hosted by the Crescent City Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association, the Orleans Embalmers and Associates, and the Louisiana Morticians and Funeral Directors Association, at the New Orleans Katrina Memorial in front of Charity Hospital Cemetery.

“On Aug. 29, 2005, our city was forever changed. 15 years later, we still honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. We lost sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, mothers and fathers, and grandparents, all across our city. It opened a dark chapter that brought pain, and tested our resolve and resiliency,” said Mayor Cantrell. “This past week, we stared down two potentially devastating storms. We came together as a team and prepared for the worst, and we avoided catastrophe. Still, our neighbors in Southwest Louisiana did not, so just as others supported us in our time of need, we continue to pledge our support in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. I ask all of you to stay vigilant throughout the rest of an active season.”

“As we reflect on this anniversary, please know that together we have proven our strength and ability to overcome,” Mayor Cantrell added. “The scars run deep this time of year, but we have the ability to rise up in the face of devastation. Thanks to all of our people who worked so hard in the trenches to rebuild our neighborhoods in particular and our city as a whole. Today, we remember that we will never stop, that we will stand together, and we will stand strong. May God bless you, and may God bless the City of New Orleans.”

Mayor Cantrell was joined by City Councilmembers Jason Williams (President), Helena Moreno (Vice President), Joe Giarrusso (District A) and Kristin Gisleson Palmer (District C). Music was provided by Dr. Michael White and Africa Master Drummer and Congo Square Preservation Society Member Luther Gray with accompaniment. The Rev. Robert Jackson and Sandra Rhodes Duncan (Board Chair, New Orleans Katrina Memorial Foundation) also provided remarks, with Norman Robinson serving as Master of Ceremonies.

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