Mayor Landrieu Presents 2018 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets

On Monday, July 31st, Mayor Mitch Landrieu presented the proposed Operating and Capital Budgets for 2018 to the New Orleans City Council. The $647 million proposed operating budget is completely balanced and continues to invest in top priorities, including public safety, job creation, recreation, streets, housing and quality of life, while delivering high quality services for New Orleans residents.

“Coming into office over seven years ago, we were forced to make some difficult decisions to begin rebuilding our City. Working closely with the City Council, we have achieved unparalleled success and New Orleans has become the nation’s greatest comeback story,” said Mayor Landrieu. “We were $97 million in the hole and facing old legacy costs, but with a clear strategy and close budget monitoring, we now have the highest credit-rating in New Orleans’ history and a new confidence in our City.

When the Landrieu Administration took office in May 2010, it inherited a $97 million deficit. Since then, with the help of the City Council and residents’ input, Mayor Landrieu created structural reforms that put the City on sound financial footing and has balanced the budget every year by cutting, reorganizing, investing in citizen’s priorities and growing.

In July 2017, Mayor Landrieu hosted Telephone Town Hall meetings as part of the budgeting process. Over 3,400 residents listened, and many provided valuable input that helped to ensure alignment between citizen priorities and the proposed budget.

“I look forward to working with the City Council and hearing more from residents so that we can adopt a balanced budget that keeps New Orleans on the path to success. Just as thousands of you participated in our Telephone Town Halls, I encourage you to engage in the upcoming budget hearings for City Departments and agencies in the City Council Chambers over the coming weeks. Over 2,600 days ago, I was elected to turn the City around by putting our fiscal house back in order and getting our recovery back on track. This budget delivers on that promise, helps us to build on the progress we’ve made, and lays a stronger foundation for the future. As we look to the City’s 300thAnniversary, we have worked hard to prepare a budget that seeks to help secure our success for the next 300 years.”

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