New Orleans Funk in Hollywood, The Mint LA

Diva Dionne Character
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Los Angeles – CA  The Capitol of Entertainment, bright lights and beautiful faces,  tacos trucks on street corners, fresh cut fruit sprinkled in cayenne pepper, the smell of cannabis in the air, palm trees and in the center of it all, the music of New Orleans. 

The Mint LA, is one of the oldest venues hosting a many of New Orleans musicians,  like The George Porter, Jr., Trio, Leo Nocentelli and Zigaboo Modeliste, all former members of The Meters known to Californians, who already know, we bringing that gumbo to the stage, that funk, that driving force of rhythm which was created in the 1960’s by The Meters and The Neville Brothers who shaped the sound of Funk. 

Today, that sound is now being driven by a new generation introduced to us by Ian Neville and his band (Dumpstafunk), taking what was passed down from his father, Art “Poppa Funk” Neville, an original member of The Meters, who gave us soul through his fingertips.  In my interview with Ian Neville and Ivan Neville, who accompanies on organ, it is apparent that these musicians will be carrying on the legacy of music created by two great bands they’ve known all of their lives, which is somehow intertwined into one force when these bloodlines hit the stage together.   

New Orleans music is an inspiration to musicians from all over the globe.  It is something no one can ever take away from us, something in the water that seems to fit perfectly with the bright lights of Hollywood, my home away from home at The Mint LA, where I get to host, interview and catch up in the greenroom. 

New Orleans is losing many of its great from the golden age of music, but the original sound of “funk” created in New Orleans, continues to live on with a new generation of musicians.

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