Organizers For Mayor LaToya Cantrell Recall Election Say They Have Received Enough Signatures

Data News Staff Edited Report Co-Founder Eileen Carter stated on February 20, 2023, that the organization had secured more than 49,000 signatures on its petition for a recall election.

Last week, organizers said they were 1,029 signatures shy of the nearly 50,000 signatures needed to petition for a recall election. The deadline for the signatures is Wednesday, February 22nd.

The organization said that simply meeting the minimum number of 20% of registered voters might not be enough as there is a chance some of the signatures could be deemed invalid by the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell will be able to appeal the recall effort.

The announcement follows a lawsuit filed by the recall organizers against the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters, claiming that voter rolls are not accurate.

Eileen Carter and Belden Batiste are taking legal action trying to get the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters to purge the voter rolls.

They are claiming in a writ mandamus that more than 25,000 people in New Orleans are listed as active voters but are not.

They claim, in the legal filing, that 546 dead people are still listed as active voters in the city.

And they say that 21,436 people are listed as active voters in the city but have moved out of Louisiana.

The number of active, registered voters is key to their effort as the required signatures are based on the number of active, registered voters.

This is a developing story, and Data News Weekly will keep our readers informed.

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