Reconnecting With Self: Having Some Fun

DIONNE CHARACTER Female Empowerment Columnist

There is a freedom in reconnecting with self and while it may seem like your mind, body and soul has not been interrupted with critical issues presented to us on a silver platter in the name of vaccines and decisions on returning to work and home schooling, we have to reconnect with ourselves in order to move towards a healthier way of living.

It’s time to do something out of the ordinary and go have some fun with the intention of reconnecting with self, letting the responsibility of being grown take a back seat for a moment, as we re-discover our inner child, realizing how blessed we are and create a new plan while tapping into our creativity and dreams.

We have to realize that peace provides direction and insight as we continue on a course so complicated, some of us may never return from being overwhelmed with the new lives we are forced to live. It’s time to engage in self-care as we expand our minds from our old ways, choosing to have more fun and not taking life so seriously.

Honey, it is time to plant some seeds, listen to more jazz and unwind as we do in New Orleans. Let yourself loose, be free and enjoy the little things because the world as we once knew it will never be the same.

Take back control of your life, enjoy a simple walk in the park and live. Don’t let life be about what mask you’re going to wear, let it be finding your peace, connecting with friends, and letting go of fear. Have some fun! Make up your own rules and let the universe reveal the truth as it always does. Take back your life–enjoy time with family and friends, and don’t forget we are strong women who can tap into the uniqueness of us all.

We are the source of the world. Let today be the day that you start living. See the good in you and re-energize your soul by simply having more fun!

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