Summer Style Tips

By Delaney George

Summer is here and no matter if you’re on vacation, a night out on the town or just a day at work, here are some summer tips that will keep you styling all summer long:

Tip #1: Always keep a cool pair of shades or a sexy hat

This summer is bound to throw a couple of curve balls. Between the humidity, rain, heat or any other fashion mishap, shades for the sun or a hat for a rainy day is sure to keep you cute and comfy for whatever this summer season may throw at you.

Tip #2: Always keep Jean Jackets

No matter where you go or what you wear, a jean jacket is a fashion necessity. Restaurants, movies or just a walk in the park can turn into a nightmare but with a jean jacket you can get back to your comfortable self and still be your cutest self.

Tip #3: Keep Sneakers or Rain boots handy

The summer weather can be so unpredictable and so can your plans. As much as we love our heels and sandals, mother nature may have other plans. Keep your feet dry and your pedicures popping with a backup pair or sneakers or for the extra careful fashionista, a pair of rain boots.

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