How to Maintain Length Using the Search and Destroy Method

I recently grew my natural hair to my mid-back when straightened. My goal length is to have my strands reach my waist this time next year. I have never had hair that long before. I was always one of those girls whose hair would sit right above my bra strap and then stop. I was also visiting a hairstylist almost every two weeks. When my grandmother was too tired to press my hair, I would spend about 65 dollars to sit in a stylist’s chair for a couple of hours for a press and curl.

Every session ended with a trim. They would always tell me that my hair would grow longer and healthier with a trim. However, my hair never really got any longer. After I put aside my twice a month heat routine and maintained natural hair with weekly deep conditioning, my hair began to grow effortlessly. I also began to do what’s known as the “Search and Destroy” method as opposed to trimming my hair. This allows me to maintain my length while getting rid of split ends before they reach to high up the hair shaft.

Trimming is still very necessary to maintain healthy hair, but instead of trimming an inch or two off every 3 to 6 months, the “Search and Destroy” method will help to keep your strands clear of any split ends and single strand knots. To perform this method, I take a section of my hair and twist it going down vertically. After doing this, the spit ends should become more visible so you can easily cut them. Always use hair shears and never regular scissors. Although this method will not get rid of all your split ends, it can help attack most of them and promote healthy hair for the time being.

After clipping as many split ends as you can find, use Jamaican Black Castor Oil or Coconut Oil to seal your ends for protection. Then, place your hair in a bun or other protective style so your ends are not exposed. To reduce the number of split ends that may show up later, stick to protective styling and don’t skip your weekly deep conditioning treatment.

Happy Growing!

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