The Moment of Now

Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist

Past events can haunt us all when we live in yesterday not looking forward to today because we are so focused on what was, what could have been and not the moment of now. We are here to experience today at this very second, even when the future weighs heavy on all of our shoulders, even mine, as I had to let loose of my imaginary bat of despair that of which I’ve been dragging down the lovely streets of Los Angles, echoing how much I had to let go of in order to reposition myself to this new way of living.

I allowed the world to become my primary focus, slightly interrupting my flow. The noise around me became so annoyingly louder and louder as everyone seems to be asking too much of us all in our survival of unshackling our own minds in an attempt to get back to the joyous things which really matter.

I too had to take a moment as I stepped back and realized that the sanctuary of my mind had been disrupted by those who had no clue of my peace and harmony and while things had become so disturbing around me, I took back my life and realized the beauty of the palm trees around me and how they had weathered all sorts of ups and downs and yet, they were still standing tall and full of wonder.

Life in general these days have become so overwhelming. We have to take the time to remind ourselves that we are here now, and in this very present moment we are alive, healthy, and full of spirit. We as women are strong enough to withstand the storms headed our way but we must toss self-doubt and fear realizing that we are in control of our feelings and happiness.

We can change our perception of the world and we can change our mindsets reverting back to our peaceful resolutions of now because in this moment, we are here to make the most of the time we still have to enjoy the future.

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