The NEXUS Days: The Golden Age of Black Nightlife in New Orleans

Noah & Karin Hopkins have Collaborated on a Book about NEXUS

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You’d be surprised at who Noah Hopkins is today. His neighbors own cows, horses, and pigs. Some of them plant corn, soybeans, and blueberries. Noah even pauses frequently to enjoy the birds that play in his backyard trees. And by the way, he has a pecan tree on his property that drops the biggest, sweetest pecans this side of Heaven. His surroundings have changed but his name still resonates in New Orleans, associated with The Exchequer, Noah’s Jazz Club and NEXUS.

Remember the potluck nights at The Exchequer? What about the live jazz performed at Noah’s? Were you at NEXUS the nights Stevie Wonder performed there?

You can relive those experiences and many more in a new book written by Noah’s wife, Karin, entitled, The NEXUS Days: The Golden Age of Black Nightlife in New Orleans. She traces Noah’s life back to his childhood growing up in the Gert Town area. She shares the events that put him on a path towards success. And Karin writes about the breakthrough moments that connected Noah to partners and investors; providing a financial backbone to his dreams. For the record, Noah partnered with Sidney Richmond to establish The Exchequer. He teamed with Richard Powell for NEXUS.

The book has many bonuses, including Noah’s trade secrets about starting a nightclub, how to successfully operate this type of business and build a loyal customer base. These are lessons from a master. Did you know he took a dead night for all club owners and made it a boom night at NEXUS that attracted 1,600 customers every Monday?

All of this is inside the pages of The NEXUS Days. This book also reminds us that the NEXUS environment produced many love connections. On October 11, 1985, at a Friday night Happy Hour, a mutual friend introduced Noah to Karin, and they have been together since that moment. As they were building the Website for the book, they included a playlist featuring one hundred songs that fit their love story.

When they lived in New Orleans, they collaborated on a number of projects that made an impact on this city. Now living in Tuskegee, Alabama, they have embraced their country lifestyle while also retaining their cosmopolitan attributes. Noah is the leading tourism advocate in Tuskegee, and he uses the skills he cultivated in New Orleans to promote this historic town. He identifies tourism treasures and presents these assets to the world through a dedicated website and social media platforms. He also designs and publishes tourism magazines and other collateral materials.

You can take a man out of New Orleans, but you can never take New Orleans out of Noah. The book, which preserves a chapter of this city’s history, also celebrates the spirit of New Orleans during The NEXUS Days.

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