The Wild Side of Fashion

Clothing comes in a variety of animal styles from zebra, snake skin, alligator, tiger and even elephant. Although some textures are real, many prints are available in styles that aren’t harmful to animals. Here are a few legendary animal print styles that never go out of style.
Cheetah Coat: The cheetah coat has been a fashion show stopper since the 70s. The multi-colored faux fur is usually a long coat with a caramel background and brown spots. The fierce cheetah coat is most commonly seen in winter time, but makes its pattern debut in shoes, accessories, and purses in its off season.
Zebra Print: Although black and white are two of the simplest color combos, nothing screams exotic more than a Zebra print dress, skirt, or ensemble. The abstract lines and curves within Zebra print gives off an elegant mystery feel on a classic touch. Zebra is worn in any season and pairs well with almost anything.
Fox Scarf: You will only see these on the most famous of celebrities. A fox around the neck or shoulders, is one of the highest fashion looks and is hard to pair with the perfect outfit. Some would say one would need to be fashionably advanced to pull this look off, but it is most commonly worn as an outfit accent rather than the entire look.
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