Top Apps to Make Fashionable Photos

By Delaney George

In fashion, sometimes, our best look is not our most photogenic look. Your shirt may need some color there, a shoe might need some focus and flare over here; All common issues that can be fixed by simply downloading an app on a smart device. Here are some of the top apps to make fashionable corrections:


Do you ever have an outfit that takes you back in time? An outfit that requires an authentic presentation that can be enhanced by Leica. Leica offers over 10 unique filters with realistic film grain, light, and noise. Leica used on any fashionable photo is sure to get noticed by many. Consider Leica as your film camera developing process made simple and more stylish.


For those fun, free fashion lovers, lomograph is the app for you. This colorful, high tech app provides a wide range of intense color and glitch affects to add to your photo. The filters on the app are really intense and high in saturation so it’s perfect for that look that needs a little more flare. Lomograph turns the most casual of ensembles to a show stopping runway look.


For that look that would have been better with a yellow hat instead of blue, VSCO is the app to change that. This multipurpose soft editing app is phenomenal in all of the tools it used to make a great picture. Very helpful to the fashionista who wants to change their shoe color, tilt a look to a certain direction or create s defined texture on a garment. VSCO is the app for any and everyone, and Delaney Armoire would definitely recommend the download.

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