Voting and the Making of History

It Still Matters

Terry B. Jones Publisher, Data News Weekly

Last week elections were held, and we had the opportunity to make history by potentially electing Shawn Wilson, the first African American Governor since Reconstruction. Today Louisiana is in a place where across the state elected offices are dominated by Republicans. In this election, Democratic voters did not show up at the polls, and most importantly, African Americans voted in high numbers. We must do better if we want our voices to be heard and have our issues addressed.

In his concession speech, Shawn Wilson, who ran his campaign as a bridge builder said he would work with Gov.-Elect Jeff Landry on the issues that matter to his voters. This reasonable approach is what is needed in those who seek our votes. Those who are reasonable enough to work with those we disagree with and find ways to work together on issues that impact the citizens of Louisiana.

Last Saturday, we missed an opportunity to have more leverage by not forcing a run-off election between Landry and Wilson. But this is not the end, for we have had Governors and other officeholders who had views that were counterproductive to our community. And it is in these divisive times that we must be civically engaged at the local, state, and federal levels. We must organize our communities, define the issues that are important to us, and let those who represent us at the State level echo our demands.

We at Data News Weekly will continue to promote voting and civic engagement. It is our hope that our citizens get out and vote because it matters today more than ever.

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