We Don’t Have To Respect Republicans Intellectually Any More

By John Slade

Host, WBOK’s Up To Date

We no longer have to take the Republicans Party seriously. It appears to be the one good thing that has come from the Trump mis-administration. First, we no longer have to listen to the GOP apologists on the subject of racism in their party. You see, a new Associated Press and NORC poll came out recently and over 51% of Americans think Trump is racist. Racism and White Supremacy have been the only thing he’s delivered on. You can hear it in his remarks on s**t hole countries and why can’t we get more people from Norway which is a White country of course. Never mind that the folks in Norway seem to be quite happy with healthcare, education levels, and the quality of life they enjoy. if that weren’t the case then we would already see an uptick in immigration from Norway. Right?

We no longer have to listen to the patriotic blather from the GOP anymore too. Trump betrays the country with his stalling on Russian sanctions which were passed with veto-proof majorities in both Houses of Congress. Russia has meddled in the Presidential elections of 2016, even Trump himself has used the word “meddling.” It appears that Russia is going to meddle again in the upcoming mid-term election as well. Meanwhile, 120 million dollars to the State Department and Rex Tillerson to help circumvent future Russian interference just sits as not a dime of that money has been spent. The country is under attack by a Red Dawn of digital ones and zeros and nothing is being done. The Republican Congress slow walks any investigation into Russian interference. Don’t talk to me about patriotism ever again Republicans.

We no longer have to listen to the Republican conservative bleating about God and religion anymore. Not after the White Evangelicals are willing to overlook Republican sins like sexual harassment, adultery, fooling around with underage children, looking at you Roy Moore, bearing false witness against a neighbor, birther nonsense anyone? Also, wanting to destroy the safety net for the poor and unfortunate. What would Jesus do, to the Religious right that is?

Lastly, we no longer have to suffer the Republican stupidity about the economy anymore as well now that Trump has decided to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum by 25% and 10% respectively from all countries friend and economic foe alike. Collectively that might take over three billion dollars out the US economy for starters. Now the US is open to retaliatory tariffs from other countries that won’t just sit still for this. Our ally, the European Union will also join in the retaliation. Corporate America will have to give back some of that brand-new tax cut money they coveted. Welcome to the recession of late 2019 everyone.

How did this happen? Well, the first the mainstream media even today can’t wrap its head around the fact that decades ago the Republican Party became the safe space for White racism, sexism, religious intolerance, and all the rest of the reactionary ideas. The GOP couldn’t either, nay they even happily took advantage of it. Ideas designed to repeal the 20th Century. The economic elites went along with all of this to crush the workers and institute a harsh economic regime in the United States that enriches them. it never occurred to them that there was a price to be paid for this. If you go along with crackpot ideas like White Supremacy all the other crackpot ideas like tariffs come along too. Bubba and Daisy Mae don’t care a lick about big business as they voted for racism and Trump. Shoot, they think big business is part of their racial and economic troubles. That’s what Trump tapped into you dumb stupid economic elites.

Perhaps some are only now realizing the Faustian bargain struck with the reactionaries, who are now in charge of the Republican party. These Trumpian voters only care about Whiteness and Trump is giving them what they voted for. Nothing else matters except this. The rest of us don’t have to respect the Republican Party intellectually anymore and I thank Trump for that.

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