What Kind of Slide are You?

The world of comfort and fashion collide in the form of slides: a flat cushion like shoe that’s as simple as sliding your foot through. Slides have been around for quite some time as workout, comfort, or house slippers. Today, you may find them with bows, diamonds, and even fur. Common brands, such as Nike, and even the most high fashion of brands, such as Gucci, have jumped into the slide game. So which slide are you?
Fur Slides: Fur slides are one of the coziest slides and the most popular. However, the grip on the fur slides aren’t as tight as a sports slide. The fur on the slides comes in all different colors—even tie die. They can be found at beauty supply stores for cheap. And, for the more high-end fur, look at designers such as Rihanna for more of a stylish touch.
Sports Slides: Sports slides won’t be the most fashionable but they will be the most comfortable. Fur slides have a strong grip thanks to its ridges and tight flaps. While Nike is your go-to brand for sport fits, places like WalMart and KMart sell sports non-name brand slides for less.
Designer Slides: Gucci, Fendi, and Kim Kardashian all have custom slides of their own. Most designer slides are extremely expensive but are commonly the perfect mixture of stylish and comfort. Most have cool writing and designs on them, some just have the brand logo. Gucci slides have increased in price after Rapper Future advertised them in a song referencing “Gucci Flip Flops”.
Slides are for anytime of the year. They can be worn with or without socks as long as they’re the perfect pair for you. So what type of slide person are you? Email your favorite slide to Delinkey@yahoo.com for a chance to be posted on Data’s social media. For more information emailDelinkey@yahoo.com.

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