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Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist

WOMEN– We don’t need husbands, we don’t need doors opened, we don’t need help with heavy lifting and because we won’t need anything from a man as we embark upon a new era when it comes to relationships and gender, we have all realized the true power of womanhood.

While women have clearly proven to be some of the most resilient beings on the planet, they’ve been able to unite change across the globe and when it comes to feminine power and how when used together, we have all witnessed the energy of change in our divine voices because being a woman and being called such is a choice.

Who will the future woman become without all the historic lessons we have all endured as strong Black women today? Are we not realizing that part of the good in all of us as a race is the strength, we have held close to our hearts through our ancestors? Have we come to terms with finally letting go of the past while looking towards a better future for women as we live fearlessly through a system which will finally allow us to move freely with no anxiety and boundaries?

Will the modern woman of today realize the fact that we will always need our fathers and uncles, grandfathers and male cousins to continue family traditions because men will always be needed in our lives, as they are the source of our strength as women?

Ladies — our independence has finally come because we all stood together as one. Let us continue to make better choices living healthier lives so that our future daughters will relish in liberation as they soar with the choice of being a part of the new generation of Black Woman in America with no boundaries because being a woman is finally enough.

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