Dare to Wear White After Labor Day

Tracee Dundas FASHION EDITOR @fashionablyyoursnola

No White After Labor Day . . .

No Opaque Tights with Open Toe Shoes . . .

No Hats Indoors . . .

Really? Who made these rules? Will the fashion police issue a citation to the fashion influencers that breaks the rule?

The no white after Labor Day is a fashion debate that has been going on for decades. Labor Day is considered the official end of the summer season. After all, everyone is winding down from vacations, returning to school and ready for the leaves to turn to autumn colors. It only seems appropriate that Labor Day be the stopping point for wearing white. Some blame it on a high society form of segregation that distinguished the wealthy from the less fortunate. Regardless of how it all started it is beyond time to give this age-old sartorial cliché the proverbial boot!

Fashion has progressed considerable since this antiquated rule was a thing. While trends are constantly evolving and changing, there is one thing we can be sure of when it comes to fashion – rules were meant to be broken. The secret is to do it with style and finesse that will make everyone stop to take note. The weight of the fabric is key. Lightweight materials, like linen, chiffon, eyelet, and charmeuse, are meant for pool parties and summer barbeques. Heavier materials, such as white denim, stonewashed khaki, and crisp white button front shirt are more suitable for the pre-fall time of year. Swap out your accessories; add metallic pieces, ankle booties and pair with earthly tones to seamlessly bring the look into fall.”

When it comes to fashion, break the rules . . .We Dare You!

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