Delaney’s Armoire – 5 Fashion Styles of the Past that will Make a Comeback

The saying goes, fashion fades but style is forever. New trends and looks are created every day and people commonly gravitate toward the hottest new thing. But lately, the hottest new thing is ensembles of the past. Here are five looks of the past that have made their comebacks into today’s fashion.

Shell Toe Adidas:
Since their massive impact on the hip-hop culture of the late 80’s and 90’s Adidas have made their way back to today’s fashion as the go-to shoe. The shell toes in the past were commonly worn with baggy sweats or tracksuits.  They are now worm with anything from skirts, jeans, shorts, even a mini dress. You might find the shoes you wore to your middle school dance as the number one gift on your child’s wish list. The classic style of the Adidas Shell Toe is considered the shoe of the generations.
The Jean Jumper:
Jumpers made their first fashion debut in the 80’s being worn by hippies and common work folk. Since then the jumper has transformed into several different styles.  Some jumpers have ditched the straps and traded them for long sleeves, V-necks, button ups, and sleeveless. You may still find the classic two-strap jumper on some, but jumpers have evolved since their historic reign of the 80’s.
The Jellies:
The shoes you may have worn as a toddler or infant have come back around to meet you in adulthood. The cute and unique jelly sandals are worn by more women and girls of today than they ever were. The transparent shoe gives off a nostalgic and fun styles and is sure to make anyone have a flashback or question of what’s on your feet. The jellies come in a rainbow of colors but have never change their style and shape overtime.
The Jean Skirt:
For some the jean skirt has always remained an item in their closet, and for others, the jean skirt is something new. The jean skirt trend was at its most popular in the 2000’s and since then has come back into style. Jean skirts today are far from basic with their distressed, fringed, and embroider styles. The jean skirt of today gives more room for personalization and expression than those of the 2000s.
Clear Back Packs: 
Clear back packs were the look of the late 60’s and 70’s and are now the new trend of today. Most clear back packs are mini and come in multiple colors unlike those of the past.  Although they can commonly be found today on a younger crowd, the elders of the past centuries will recognize them and reminisce those groovy days.

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