Fearless in 2021

DIONNE CHARACTER Female Empowerment Columnist

LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN… I am so elated that I did not have to do any jail time taking out the gardener blowing imaginary leaves outside my window, disturbing my peace making the transition to work from home incredibly harder as I remained fearless and steadfast with my goals and dreams; becoming more grateful for the opportunity to continue on my journey to write passages of wisdom in the midst of a failed society, who has scolded us all like children who can no longer play outside because we did not eat all of the peas on our beautiful plates.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, YOU MADE IT – to see another year and in this very moment you are capable of all things as the universe has provided you with the perfect tools to soar into yet another year of opportunities as we vastly approach continuous months of staying away from loved ones; wearing masks and tight bras just to hold it together as women.

Now, is not the time to let the world snatch your dreams away in light of fear as you should realize that there is enough faith for you to continue to make things happen because you are the keeper of your own greatness.

This year, I encourage you to wear your own mask, sheltering your dreams from the world as you implement a plan to take back your life and rise like the Queen you were born to become. Girl, you are dynamic! Don’t let the world taint your confidence. Tap into your fearlessness and realize that you have the confidence and strength to slay this new year with hope and love for yourself.

Let this year be a year of discovery as you embrace the clarity you hold, realizing that you were chosen to make a difference.
Dionne Character can be reached at characterinhollywood@gmail.com.

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