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Summer has come and gone.  It’s time to break out the browns, the burgundies, the mustard yellows, and all of the colors that scream fall. Although it’s not cold enough to wear your boots and scarves yet, you can still jump into the fall season by wearing your seasonal colors and pallets.

The neon, lime, and vibrant hues of lipsticks, blushes, and eyeshadows are out. It’s time to break out the matte lipsticks with darker pigments to reign in on fall season. This season, a brown or wine-red lip would be suitable for any fall attire, day or night. As adventurous and edgy as a yellow eyeshadow is, for fall keep that edge by trying a golden smoky eye. You can be daring and still fall fashionable with a hint of gold on top of that black based eyed shadow that makes your eyes pop! You can even play around with darker colored lip and eyeliners for the not so daring yet seasonal look.
Shirts and Skirts:  
Luckily, New Orleans’ fall still allows ladies of the metro area to show some skin. Short skirts, midi skirts, and long skirts are all acceptable in the fall if they’re the right color. While the hot pink spandex skirts and baby blue midis take their rightful place in the closet for next summer, you should start pulling out your beige velvet skirts, burnt orange skirts, or even a corduroy hunter green mini skirt.
Fall blouses are the easiest fashion statements to really make a statement with your fresh for the fall look. Search for the colors you see on the leaves and tress around you and there’s you fashion inspiration. This season, brown, tan, and yellow turtlenecks and button-ups will be the talk of the season. Off the shoulder tops are also a great fall accent to pump up your look, while nudes, oranges, and blacks are sure to gear you up for not only fall but Halloween as well.
If you have the right color scheme in mind, shirts will be no problem to shop for. And for our fall date nights, a wine-red blouse or dress would serve as the perfect look.
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