Wild for Wigs

Delaney George

Your favorite stars and celebs, old and new, have worn a wig or two in their day. The popularity of wigs fluctuates decade after decade. Once upon a time, wigs were considered something you kept private if you were wearing one. Today, the wig disguise is up and out. More teens, millennials, even tweens are catching on to the wig trend and being open and honest about it. Wigs are the latest handbag, stiletto, and girls fashion BFF, it’s all about wigs.
Kylie James, a local 20-year-old artist, said she intends to buy a wig or having one made very soon. “I love my hair, but I also love being colorful and fun. Sometimes I want green hair to go with my shoes or purple to match my purse. I need variety and it’s easy with a wig” James said.
Many women prefer wigs because of their convenience. With a wig, there’s no more dying your hair, spending hours on styling, plus, you have as many options in styles and colors with a wig to match the styles in your closet. Wigs and fashion go together so well and with the multiple stylish wardrobe combos, there’s always a wig to match.
For more information on wigs in NOLA and where to buy them, email delinkey@yahoo.com

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