City Increases Funding for Pump and Drainage Maintenance

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For nearly a month, conversations about the City’s Pump and Drainage System have been at the top of every conversation. After the events of the August 5th flood, the City has bunkered down on the truth and funding behind the pumps.

On Friday, August 18th, The City of New Orleans announced that it would allocated $26 million in additional drainage improvements. The upgrades include catch basins, early warning system for under passes, and the maintenance of the current pump and drainage systems.

According to the City of New Orleans, “The money coming from the City’s fund balance will include $7.8 million to the Department of Public Works (DPW) for catch basin and drainage point repairs, $3 million to Homeland Security for disaster preparedness, $650,000 to Homeland Security for underpass flood early warning system, and $500,000 to Chief Administrative Office for Root Cause Analysis. Additionally, bond funds that were committed to other road projects will provide $14.2 million for catch basin and drainage point repairs making the total $22 million.”

As of August 22nd, the City of New of Orleans reports that 105 out of 120 pumps are available for use during the event of heavy rain.
Mayor Mitch Landrieu said that he hopes for the Department of Public Works to maintain its average of learning 4,263 catch basins per year. Those basins serve roughly 48 miles of drainage. The City has four vacuum trucks used for Catch Basin Cleaning.

The August 5th flooding heavily impacted Treme’, Mid-City, and Gentilly residents and businesses.

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