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Sasha Newman

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With every passion comes dedication and skill. Those who have multiple passions are great, but it takes someone phenomenal to master it all. Recent Dillard University graduate and California native, Sasha Newman does just that. Newman is Data’s most recent Data Strut Award Winner, and is involved in everything from modeling, sports, dancing, singing, and leading multiple clubs and organization.

At Dillard’s Spring Fashion Show, Newman wowed the crowd with her amazing walk, and runway presence. “I was so shocked when I won, this was really one of my most amazing modeling experiences for me thus far” said Newman.

Although Newman has not been modeling for long, she took a keen interest in runway modeling and the physique of models. With a confident mind, and support from family and Dillard runway coaches, Newman has worked diligently to perfect her craft in runway and print modeling. 

“I love to see how other people model, and exam how this industry uses clothing to inspire people. I bring my personality out through the runway. You will never succeed trying to imitate someone else, so you have to be one-hundred percent yourself on the runway and that’s what makes it your walk” said Newman.

When Newman is not on the runway she is invested into her faith, family, future and education. Newman is pursuing a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and has hopes to be a firefighter, or a fire arson investigator in the future. Aside from being a full-time student, Newman is 1 of 20 students in the country leading a major student athlete organization alongside several other organizations. Newman plans to keep her eyes out for any opportunities that may fall in the path of her many passions: such as Digital Corresponding and Modeling.

In the near future Newman plans to book more modeling projects and runway shows while perusing her master’s degree. Newman went on to say “don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” in relation to her growing modeling career and words of encouragement to upcoming models. For more information on Newman email

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